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Official Launching Ceremony for educators - March 2014
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The Vision of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources is to ensure "A Quality Education for all and a Human Resource Development base to transform Mauritius into an intelligent nation state in the vanguard of global progress and innovation". In this context, The Budget Speech 2013 makes the following mention "..Government will distribute next year, one tablet computer to each and every school boy and girl in Form IV. This entails the purchase of some 20,000 devices." (para 52).


To induce a paradigm shift in teaching and learning process at Secondary Level.

To improve learning by providing students with anytime, anywhere opportunities to become independent learners through technology.

An improved pass rate of students at Cambridge SC /GCE O Level.

Better preparedness of students and educators for 21st century skills


The project, which started in 2013 with the elaboration of tablet specifications and initiation of procurement procedures, consists in the provision of Tablet Computers to over 26000 students and educators of Form V in 2014 in all government as well as aided secondary schools; The Tablet Computer selected to implement this project is equipped with pedagogical contents relevant to Forms IV and V curricula, aligned with the teaching of Cambridge GCE O Level syllabi for Mauritius. The tablet computers can be used for educational purposes in both online and offline modes.

For Use in Education

The Tablet Computers will support the teaching conducted in class though the use of Classroom Management Software to better enable the teacher-learner interaction. Security aspects pertaining to internet access and proper usage have been integrated in the form of parental control software on the tablet as well as Access filters through the network. In this project, the MIE is the parastatal body under the aegis of the Ministry responsible for the empowerment of teachers both in the use of tablet technology in the classroom as well as the development of digital materials.

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